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Basic Info

 Name Propionyl chlorid
 CAS NO. 79-03 8
 Molecular Formula C3H5ClO
 Molecular Weight 92.52
 EINECS 201-170-0
 Density 1.06
 M.P. -94 ºC
 B.P. 77-79 ºC
 Refractive index 1.402-1.405
 Flash Point 11 ºC
 Appearance Colorless Liquid
 Purity 98% Min

Application for Propionyl Chlorid :1. As acylation reagent in organic synthesis;

2. As an intermediate for various propionc acid derivatives;

3. To produce pesticides propanil;

4. Applied in pharmaceutical industry, such as antiepileptic and antalgica, etc;

5. Used as spice and fragrance, etc.


Use One In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used in the production of anti-epileptic drug mettoin, anti-adrenergic drug methoxyamine hydrochloride, and used as a propionyl reagent in organic synthesis. Use Two Used as an alkylation reagent. Use Three Pro pionyl chloride is an intermediate of the plant growth regulator cyclic acid. Use four Used as a propionyl reagent in organic synthesis, it is an intermediate for the preparation of various pro pionic acid derivatives, such as phenylace tone, etc.; used in the production of pesticides propanil; used in the pharmaceutical industry to produce antiepileptic drugs, dimettoin, Cholesterol, anti-adrenergic drug methoxyamine hydrochloride, etc.




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